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Recorded At Mastertone Studios, NY
Producers : Paul A. Rothchild & Mark Abramson
Production supervisor : Jac Holzman

Paul Butterfield : Vocals, Harmonica
Mike Bloomfield : Guitar (Right Channel), Piano, Hammond Organ
Elvin Bishop : Guitar (Left Channel)
Jerome Arnold : Bass
Sam Lay : Drums
Mark Naftalin : Organ

01. "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" (2.21)
02. "Just To Be With You" (3.19)
03. "Help Me" (2.14)
04. "Hate To See You Go" (4.30)
05. "Poor Boy" (3.25)
06. "Nut Popper # 1" (2.24)
07. "Everything Gonna Be Alright" (2.54)
08. "Lovin' Cup" (2.39)
09. "Rock Me" (2.49)
10. "It Hurts Me Too" (2.43)
11. "Our Love Is Drifting" (2.25)
12. "Take Me Back Baby" (2.47)1
13. "Mellow Down Easy" (3.00)
14. "Ain't No Need To Go No Further" (2.41)
15. "Love Her With A Feeling" (2.57)
16. "Piney Brown Blues" (2.13)
17. "Spoonful" (2.59)
18. "That's All Right" (3.10)
19. "Going Down Slow" (4.19)
20. "Born In Chicago" Single (3.13)
21. "One More Mile" (3.28)
22. "Off The Wall" (2.03)

(20)LP "Folksong 65'" (1965-Elektra)
(21-22)LP/CD "What's Shaking" (1966-Elektra)
(01-19)CD "The Original Lost Elektra Sessions" (1995-WEA)
(20-22)CD "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Anthology" (1997-Elektra)

In 1995 the long awaited “The Lost Elektra Session” came out on CD.
From the “Folksong ‘65” and “What’s Shakin’” albums we knew that there had to be something in the vault. It turned out to be a complete album plus extras. The CD runs less than an hour, so why exclude three of the tracks? Now you’ve got to find the rather rare “Folksong ’65” sampler album to hear the original “Born in Chicago” with MB on organ! (Well, all three tracks later appeared on The Elektra Anthology of BBB). The “What’s Shakin’” album has been out on CD for a while.

When compared to the released debut album, the guy who made the decision to scrap a finished album was right (Paul A. Rothchild takes the honors). The Lost Session misses the fire that’s on the released album, largely due to MB’s lowdown position on the Lost Session (he is mainly used as a piano player). Here it is Paul Butterfield with backing. The released version is a full competent band, with everyone doing their best, and MB is so much more to the front. It’s almost a wonder that only about 6 months passed between these recordings.

The liner notes for the CD talks about 25.000 copies of the first album in jackets and ready to ship, so here is a real rarity to look for! A few copies must have slipped out. This session was the first “electric” band recording for Elektra, and that is supposed to be one of the reasons for the result. Nobody knew how to record a high volume electric band.

After scrapping the first album, Elektra recorded a full week of live music with BBB at “Café Au Go Go” on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village, NYC. In the liner notes Rothchild says that “We haven’t got 30 consecutive seconds of good music!”, but the vaults must be bursting with live recordings that, looked upon with the eyes of the history, would be very interesting to hear! Please.

“Love Her with a Feeling” is probably from the later session in 1965 (due to Mark Naftalin’s presence and MB’s guitar playing!)

After the last track on the CD, “Going Down Slow”, there is a minute’s silence and then studio banter from the recording of “Nut Popper #1”. John Hammond and the recording engineer can’t hear the title — Non-popper? Numb-popper? — but when MB spells (with a snarl!) the title in the microphone they finally get it! It is revealed that it was take 5 they were about to start.


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