Saturday, September 16, 2006

J.B.LENOIR, SUNNYLAND SLIM & FRIENDS "Live At Nina's Lounge" (1963)

Recorded Live At Nina's Lounge
Producer : Norman Dayron

J.B. Lenoir : Guitar
Sunnyland Slim : Vocals
John Lee Granderson : Vocals, Guitar
Mike Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

01. "Brown Skin Woman"
02. "JL'S Blues"
03. "Everything’s Gonna Be Alright"
04. "That’s Alright"

(01-04)CD "J.B Lenoir, Sunnyland Slim & Friends Live In '63 At Nina's Lounge" (2003-Fuel Records)

Chicago, 1963, Nina's Lounge on the West Side. A small club with a little homemade stage in the corner & an old upright piano off to the left of the stage. Not as well known as Pepper's, Sylvio's, or Teresa's, Nina's was the center of Chicago blues on July 9, 1963. Norman Dayron, student at the University of Chicago, armed with an Ampex tape recorder and a pair of Electro Voice mics placed just right, recorded this exceptional night of blues. On piano, Sunnyland Slim,On guitar J. B Lenoir. Eighteen tunes, one hour, and done. Helping on vocals John Lee Granderson, doing three tunes. Sunnyland & JB split the vocals on the rest. Sneakin' in from the alley, on guitar, Mike Bloomfield. You are sittin' first row. You are there. Live Blues gets no better then this.As intimate a CD as I have hear in a long time.Sunnyland & JB playin' & preaching the blues, as uncomplicated as it gets.WARNING, this is an acoustic CD. This is one helluva good live performance. You love Chicago blues, circa 1963, GET IT !!


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