Saturday, September 16, 2006

JOHN HAMMOND JR. "So Many Roads" (1965)

Recorded in New-York
Producer : John Hammond Jr.

John Hammond Jr. : Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Musselwhite : Harmonica & Backing Vocals
Jaime R.(Robbie) Robertson, Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mark Levon Helm : Drums & Backing Vocals
Jimmy Lewis : Bass
Eric (Garth) Hudson : Organ & Backing Vocals
Mike Bloomfield : piano & Backing Vocals

01. "Down In the Bottom" (3.01)
02. "Long Distance Call" (3.18)
03. "Who Do You Love" (3.00)
04. "I Want You To Love Me" (4.05)
05. "Judgement Day" (3.22)
06. "So Many Roads, So Many Trains" (2.40)
07. "Rambling Blues" (3.15)
08. "O Yea!" (3.32)
09. "You Can't Judge Book By the Cover" (3.28)
10. "Gambling Blues" (3.10)
11. "Baby Please Don't Go" (2.19)
12. "Big Boss Man" (2.40)
13. "I Wish You Would" (2.50)
14. "Traveling Riverside" (2.51)

(01-14) LP/CD "So Many Roads" (1965-Vanguard Records)

Probably MB only plays the (rather distant) piano that can be heard on most tracks (1-14).

John Hammond jr., son of the legendary Columbia Records A&R man who had signed Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan, met the Hawks in Toronto in 1964 and was astonished by the perfection with which these young men played rhythm and blues. After several jam sessions with the Hawks, Hammond arranged for the Hawks to back him on this third album he would cut for Vanguard, but the record company insisted that he should use bassist Jimmy Lewis and piano player Mike Bloomfield. The old-time-blues inspired album So Many Roads ended up with Robbie, Levon and Garth contributing guitar, drums and keyboards. Robertson's guitar work is among his most exciting blues performances, what Greil Marcus described as "all rough edges, jagged bits of metal ripping through the spare rhythm section".


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