Saturday, September 16, 2006

MIKE BLOOMFIELD "Live At Big John's" (1964)

Recorded Live At Big John's on Wells Street, Chicago
Pruducer : Norman Dayron

Mike Bloomfield : Piano, Electric Guitar
Charlie Musselwhite : Harmonica
Sid Warner : Bass
Norman Mayell : Drums

01. "Blues For Roy" (9.25)
02. "Country Boy" (8.41)
03. "Intermission Blues" (7.00)
04. "Gotta Call Susie" (12.51)

(01-04) From the bonus CD that comes with the book "If You Love This Blues" by Jan Wolkin & Bill Keenom, published November 2000.

Great bluesy music. Wonder what else Norman Dayron and the family have in their vaults from the early 60’s. It should be put out now, just like these fabulous four tracks. It would be the right way to keep Bloomfield’s name alive.


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