Saturday, September 16, 2006


1963.Mar.6, and Mar.31
Recorded in Michael's Bloomfield Home In Chicago & in Engineer Dan Queen's Home
Producer: Robert G. Koester

James "Yank" Rachell : Mandolin, Vocals
Big Joe Williams : 9-string Guitar, Vocals
Hammie Nixon : Jug, hca
Sleepy John Estes : Acoustic Guitar
Michael Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

01. Stop Knocking On My Door (2.54)
02. Doorbell Blues (4.22)
03. Move Your Hand (3.44)
04. Get Your Morning Exercise (2.28)
05. When My Baby Comes Back Home (3.42)
06. Up & Down The Line (4.11)
07. Bye Bye Baby (3.49)

(01-07)LP/CD "Mandolin Blues" (1963-Delmark Rec.)

The first known recordings with Michael Bloomfield.

There were two sessions recorded. On the first, March 6, 1963, MB and Big Joe Williams did not play, even though the session was held in MB’s own apartment! The second was held on March 31, 1963 in the home of Dan Queen, who was the recording engineer on this date. The reason for moving to another apartment was that the musicians stamped the rhythm so hard that plaster from the ceiling fell down in the apartment below! The only reason Big Joe and MB played on the second date was that when the other three were late, it was decided to record Big Joe instead. As they were about to start the Tennessee Three arrived.


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