Saturday, September 16, 2006

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES "Broke & Hungry" (1964)

Recorded in Sound Studio Inc.Chicago
Producer Robert G. Koester

Sleepy John Estes : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Hammie Nixon : Harmonica
Yank Rachell : Mandolin
Mike Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

01. "3.00 Morning Blues" (2.46)
02. "Beale Street Blues" (3.52)
03. "Broke & Hungry" (4.29)
04. "Freedom Loan" (4.44)
05. "Everybody's Outta Change" (3.48)
06. "Olie Blues" (4.24)

(01-06)LP/CD "Broke & Hungry" (1964-Delmark Rec.)

On the back cover of the LP Bob Koester says: “...John Hammond recently signed him [MB] to a Columbia recording pact and his first LP under his own name is in preparation as this is written...”.

Bob Koester also wrote that at the time of writing the liner notes for the LP, Sleepy John Estes and Hammie Nixon were packing to go to the Newport Folk Festival 1964. The time of writing must have been around June or July 1964. That indicates that the album in preparation must have been The Group’s recording.


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