Saturday, September 16, 2006

VARIOUS ARTIST "I Blueskvarter" (1964)


Eddie Boyd : Piano
Mike Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

01. "Five Long Years" (2.48)
02. "Her Picture In The Frame" (4.09)
03. "Early Grave" (3.54)
04. "The Big Question" (3.07)
05. "Look Over Yonder Wall" (2.47)

Yank Rachell : Vocals, Mandolin
John Lee Granderson : Acoustic Guitar
Mike Bloomfield : Piano

06. "Going To Pack Up My Thing" (4.03)
07. "Every Night & Every Day" (4.06)
08. "Rock Me Baby" (4.36)
09. "My Baby's Gone" (4.43)


Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew : Vocals, Piano
Mike Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

10. "Brownskin Woman" (3.17)
11. "It's You Baby" (2.35)
12. "One Room Country Shack" (3.18)
13. "Sunnyland Jump" (2.55)
14. "Rock Me" (3.24)
15. "Prison Bound" (3.26)

St.louis Jimmy" Oden : Vocals
Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew : Piano
Robert "Washboard Sam" Brown : Washboard
Mike Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

16. "Can't Stand Your Evil Ways" (3.20)
17. "Complete This Order" (3.05)
18. "Poor Boy Blues" (3.12)
19. "The Girl I Love" (2.57)


Eureal "Little Brother" Montgomery : Vocals, Piano
Mike Bloomfield : Acoustic Guitar

20. "West Texas Blues" (3.16)
21. "Up The Country Blues" (3.08)
22. "Cow Cow Blues" (2.56)
23. "Mama, You Don't Mean Me No Good" (4.02)
24. "Suitcase Blues" (4.09)
25. "The Vicksburg Blues Road" (3.23)

(01-14)CD "I Blueskvarter - Chicago 1964 - Volume One" (1999-Jefferson Records)
(15)CD "I Blueskvarter - Chicago 1964 - Volume Three" (2004-Jefferson Records)
(16-24)CD "I Blueskvarter - Chicago 1964 - Volume Two" (1999-Jefferson Records)

Recordings made by and for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Broadcasted in the program "I Blueskvarter" (In Blues Quarter) in 1965.

Olle Hollander :"Mike Bloomfield is the real burning soul, when it comes to this form of music. I have never met anybody, being so enthusiastic with the blues as he is. Why that is, he even really can't explain himself. He is only 20 years old, white, and you can say he comes from a "good" family. He has never had any direct contact with the sorroundings or conditions, where the blues is the obvious forms of music, and nothing says he ever will. His everyday routines can under no circumstances be compared to the poor quarters of the Southside. But anyway he has a rare feeling for just this kind of music.

To me he said : "If I had my way, I would not do nothing else than play the blues. I would live down there, learn from those who know and can everything about the blues. I can nothing, I know nothing, I think, except the blues is all my life."

Maybe expressed a little naive, but said in dead earnest by a very young man. But he was a bit humble when he said that he can nothing. Most of the Southside's Blues men gladly choose this guy from the garden city of the North Side, when they are in need of accompaniment"...


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