Saturday, September 16, 2006

MIKE BLOOMFIELD "Second Studio Demos" (1965)

Recorded at Columbia Studios,NY
Producer : Bob Morgan

Mike Bloomfield : Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Musselwhite : Harmonica
Mike Johnson : Guitar
Sid Warner : Bass
Norman Mayell : Drums
Brian Friedman : Piano

01. "I Got My Mojo Working" (2.36)
02. "I Got My Mojo Working" alternate Version(2.52)
03. "I'm Cutting Out" (2.52)
04. "Lonesome Blues" (4.44)

(01)LP "Bloomfield - A Retrospective" (1983-Columbia)
(01)CD "MB - Essential Blues 1964-69" (1994-Columbia Legacy)
(01-04)LP "I'm Cutting Out" (2001-Sundazed Rec.)

The only tracks to emerge from the second session at Columbia. There must be more than four tracks, so we can only hope for the rest to be included in the long awaited Mike Bloomfield Box Set! Even though the first attempt for a Butterfield Blues Band album had been made, Columbia was still trying MB out as a bandleader and solo artist.


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