Monday, September 18, 2006

DICK CAMPBELL "Sings Where It's At" (1965)

Producers : Lou Reizner & Eddie Mascari

Dick Campbell : Vocals, Rythm Guitar
Michael Bloomfield : 12-String Guitar
Paul Butterfield : Harmonica
Jimmy Vincent : 12-String Guitar
Mark Naftalin : Organ
Mary Greb : Piano & Percussion
Pete Cetera : Bass (Chicago !)
Artie Sullivan : Percussion
Sam Lay : Drums
Billy Herman : Drums
Larry Wrice : Drums

01. The Blues Peddlers
02. You've Got To Be Kidding
03. Sandi
04. The People Planners
05. Aprodite's Child
06. Despairs Cafeteria
07. Approximately Four Minutes Of Feeling Sorry For DC
08. Object Of Derision
09. Where Were You
10. Girls Named Misery
11. Ask Me If I Care
12. Don Juan Of The Western World

(01-12)LP "Sings Where It's At" (1965-Mercury)

Dick Campbell was a Dylan wannabe that never went anywhere. It’s the complete Butterfield Blues Band apart from Jerome Arnold, bass. Butterfield plays a Dylan-like intro to (1) and Mark Naftalin plays a “Like A Rolling Stone-ish" intro to (2). The overall sound is very much like “Highway 61 Revisited” due to MB’s playing. The recording session must have taken place after the Dylan record was out in August (or else history should be re-written!!). Track (4) is a “Like A Rolling Stone” rip off. Maybe the whole thing was meant to be a parody? If so, it’s rather good!


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