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A&R Studios, NY.
Producers : Paul A. Rothchild & Mark Abramson

Paul Butterfield: Vocals, Harmonica
Michael Bloomfield : Guitar
Elvin Bishop : Guitar
Jerome Arnold : Bass
Sam Lay : Drums
Mark Naftalin : Organ

01. "Born In Chicago" (3.05)
02. "Shake Your Moneymaker" (2.28)
03. "Blues With A Feeling" (4.24)
04. "Thank You Mr. Poobah" (4.05)
05. "I Got My Mojo Working" (3.32)
06. "Mellow Down Easy" (2.47)
07. "Screamin'" (4.37)
08. "Our Love Is Drifting" (3.34)
09. "Mystery Train" (2.39)
10. "Last Night" (4.18)
11. "Look Over Yonder's Wall" (2.25)
(01-11)LP/CD "The Paul's Butterfield Blues Band" (1965-Elektra)

There are discrepancies with almost all the timings all the way from the first vinyl release. Never trusts cover info! The timings are taken from the 1965 album and some are a few seconds longer than on CD releases. “Mellow Down Easy” fades out one minute before the timing on the cover, and that error is still carried on by the CDs!

Apart from that, the record is magnificent! What music, what instrumentalists and what a voice Paul Butterfield had and what a harmonica! No wonder he was popular in both black and white local clubs in Chicago. When compared to the first recorded version of the album, this session is far superior if we’re talking guitar. Bloomfield sparkles here, he is the lead guitarist and every track bears his mark (and Butterfield’s of course). In fact, the whole band is superb. The gifted Mark Naftalin plays great organ, especially on the instrumental (4).

This record was and still is a landmark in music history. It may not have sold accordingly, but it still sounds fresh. The influence the band had on coming musicians cannot be overrated. The playing is superb all over. Butter’s harmonica is a lead instrument alongside MB’s guitar.

In the 1971 McClosky interview it is stated by the interviewer, that track (10) “Last Night” was the first recording.

The drummer Sam Lay and the bass player Jerome Arnold had played regularly with Howlin’ Wolf before joining BBB.

The picture of the band on the upper half of the cover is without Mark Naftalin. The picture on the lower half is without him and Michael Bloomfield as well. Neither was a regular member of the band from the start. Maybe it’s a live photo from Big John’s in Chicago?

Tracks (4,5) were recorded on Sept. 9, 1965, according to Mark Naftalin. “Love Her with a Feeling”, listed under 1964.December, is probably from this session (due to Mark Naftalin’s presence).


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