Tuesday, September 19, 2006

THE ZEET BAND "Moogie Woogie" (1969)

Recorded at Elektron-Muzics, LA, California - Sound Recorders, Hollywood, California - Sierra Sound Labs, Berkeley, California - Sonart, Chicago, Illinois - Ter-Mar Recording, Chicago, Illinois
Producer Norman Dayron

“Fastfingers” Finkelstein (aka M. Bloomfield) : Guitar
Paul Beaver : Moog
Mark Naftalin : Keyboards
Norman Dayron : Keyboards
Erwin Helfer: Keyboards

01. “Fireball Boogie!" (3.18)
02. “Angel’s Dust Boogie” (2.57)
03. "Inside" (4.34)

(01,02)LP "Moogie Woogie" (1969-Chess)

An instrumental only album. Moog all over, no wonder it sunk without leaving a trace, despite the “names” playing on it. For 1969 it may have been experimental. It’s a strange mixture of children’s stuff and “party-music”, the kind that’s played at your parents’ silver anniversary, where a keyboardist with a rhythm box entertains.
Not even the MB tracks can make any interest except for the completist. Track (1) has some OK playing, in fact it’s the only track worth remembering, not too much Moog on that one. On track (02) MB plays his guitar through some moog-like system making it sounding like a keyboard. I don’t think MB plays on more than his own two compositions. And then... maybe he also is present on track (03).


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