Monday, September 18, 2006

MIKE BLOOMFIELD & AL KOOPER "Live At The Fillmore East" (1968)

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Recorded live At Fillmore East, New York

Mike Bloomfield : Vocals, Guitar
Al Kooper : Vocals, Keyboards
Paul Harris : Piano
Jerry Jemott : Bass
John Creci : Drums
Guest: Johnny Winter

01. MB's Introduction (1.30)
02. One Way Out (4.21)
03. MB's Inroduction Of Johnny Winter (0.59)
04. It's My Own Fault (10.57) Feat. Johnny Winter
05. 59th Street Bridge Song-Feelin'Groovy (5.05)
06. Please Tell Me Partner (10.11)
07. That's All Right Mama (3.40)
08. Together Till The End Of Time (4.30)
09. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (8.41)
10. Season Of The Witch (8.59)

(01-10)CD "Fillmore East-Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield - The Lost Concert Tapes 13-14/12/1968" (2003-Columbia-Sony Music)

MB introduces the nature of the gig: “I wanna tell you all about the nature of this Super Session gig here…..Now, the history of the Super Session gigs are this: The first Super Session gig was a record session that Alan called me to play on. And I came and played on it for one day and ended up recording half the record…. then Stephen recorded with Alan on the other side of the record. And the record came out and was named Super Session. At that time Alan and I had played together once or twice in our lives when we played on that day. Then after that sure we had to replay the Super Session gig at Fillmore, and we practiced four days together with the band fooling everybody. I played two nights at the gig and the third I got insomnia and didn’t come to the gig and we didn’t play. So all together that means we have played together around 8 times. Now comes this gig. At this gig we came to New York a few days ago, and everyone, not everyone, but two of us had the flu, but we practiced…and the musicians on this job is Gerald Jermott, plays bass, John Creci, is playing drums, and eh…. (loud whisper: Paul Harris) sorry, Paul Harris is playing piano, and we’re playing, and this is the nature of this Super Session.”

No matter if they rehearsed or not, they are under rehearsed, but MB is doing a fine job anyway. Track (6) stands out as a real gem with MB singing and playing very good. Track (7) has MB singing one of the songs from his first solo album (to be recorded later this year).
“The Weight” is played as an instrumental, and MB sounds like he has got it wrong in some way. His playing on track (07) is great, but his singing is not so good. It sounds like he has lost interest in it. Being billed as a Super Session there is not much Kooper here! It’s more like a Bloomfield and Friends show!


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