Monday, September 18, 2006


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Recorded Live At Monterey International Pop Festival

Mike Bloomfield : Guitar, Vocals
Nick Gravenites : Vocals
Barry Goldberg : Organ
Harvey Brooks : Bass
Buddy Miles : Drums, Vocals
Peter Strazza : Trumpet
Herbie Rich : Alto Sax
Marcus Doubleday : Trumpet

01. “Groovin’ Is Easy” (3.12)
02. “(Drinkin’) Wine” (2.27)
03. “Introduction of The Byrds - Michael Bloomfield” (0.22)
04. “The Night Time Is the Right Time” (5.24)

(01-03)CD "Monterey International Pop Festival" (1992-Rhino Rec.)
(02,04)CD "Old Glory-Best Of Electric Flag" (1995-Columbia/Sony Music)

Video :

Bloomfield’s address to the crowd is also seen in the Monterey Pop Festival movie: “We’re really nervous, but we love you all, man! ’Cause this is very groovy, man! Monterey is very groovy, man! This is something, man! This is our generation, man! All you people, we’re all together, man! It’s groovy, and dig yourselves, ‘cause it’s really groovy!” No Pulitzer prize here.

His introduction of The Byrds goes like this: “The musicians that are playing rock ’n’ roll, they know… they know where you’re at, they know where your mind’s at. They are playing for you, to you, and like the Beatles and other groups, you know, the music will get to you and reach you, and the colors will flash, the sounds will embrace you. It’s beautiful, it’s The Byrds!”

John Phillips’ introduction of The Electric Flag: “You are going to hear a man whom I think is one of the two or three best guitar players in the world. And you are going to hear some people that he thinks are one of the best bands in the world. And I do to. You can hear an awful lot of it, and it’s called The Electric Flag”.

Unfortunately this live recording does not sound good. Track (2) has some feel to it when MB plays his solo, but Gravenites sounds nervous and does not reach the high he’s used to when he sings with his wonderful voice. Buddy Miles is even worse. This was the live debut for the band and it is of course interesting to hear for historic reasons.


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