Friday, September 22, 2006

MIKE BLOOMFIELD - "If You Love This Blues..." (1976)

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Producer : Michael Bloomfield & Eric Kriss
Exec. producer : Jim Crockett

Michael Bloomfield : Vocals 2,4-6,9-13 Guitar 1-13 Bass 2,13 Piano 9,13 Organ 13 Banjo 11 Drums. 13
Ira Kamin : Organ 1,3,9 Piano 3,5,7,11,12
Doug Kilmer : Bass 1,3,5,9,11,12
Tom Donlinger : Drums 1-3,5,7
Eric Kriss : Piano 2,4
Ron Stal­lings : Tenor Sax 5,9
Hart McNee : Baritone Sax 5,9
Nick Gravenites : Vocals 7, Guitar 7
Roger Troy : Bass 7
Dave Neditch : Drums 9,11,12

01. “If You Love These Blues” (1.08)
02. “Hey, Foreman”(2.52)
03. “WDIA” (3.33)
04. “Death Cell Rounder Blues” (3.31)
05. “City Girl” (4.27)
06. “Kansas City” (3.05) (3.08)
07. “Mama Lion” (3.37) (3.57)
08. “Thrift Shop Rag” (1.45) (1.48)
09. “Death in My Family” (3.56)
10. “East Colorado Blues” (1.33)
11. “Blue Ghost Blues” (2.14)
12. “The Train Is Gone” (2.54)
13. “The Altar Song” (2.15)

(01-13)LP "If You Love This Blues, Play Em As You Please" (1976-Sonnet Rec.)
(01-13)CD "If You Love This Blues, Play Em As You Please" (2004-Ace Rec.)

Mike Bloomfield Liner Notes:

"I was lucky enough to grow up in Chicago when you could hear blues on seven or eight radio stations each night. And any night you wanted to hear it Live, It Was there in the clubs and the bars. So, I had huge chances to study it firsthand, to have the best blues musicians personally instruct me. But, in making this album, I feel I'm payin' back this debt indirectly.Most people who created the early blues style, the people I learned from, are dying or dead. So, on this record I'm trying to re-create what I Was able to listen to when I was Learning, I'm Trying to capture and isolate the idioms clearly enough so you'll understand not only the guitar licks, but the entire blues form.'Cause If you don't now the form, you don't got nothin'. Let this record be an introduction. I've presented several styles to give you a broad overview of blues. Listen carefully, imitate what you can, add your own creative energy, and you'll be on your way"


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