Friday, September 22, 2006

VARIOUS ARTIST "San Francisco Blues Festival" (1976)

1976. Aug.7-8.
Recorded live at the Fourth Annual San Francisco Blues Festival, McLaren Park Amphitheater
Producer, Tom Mazzolini

Michael Bloomfield : Vocal, Guitar
Ira Kamin : Piano
Bob James : Bass
Doug Kilmer : Drums

01. "Women Lovin' Each Other"(4.50)

(01)LP "San Francisco Blues Festival" (1977-Jefferson Rec.)

A live recording that really shows how gifted a guitar player and singer MB was. His solo on (1) is eminent with a hard attack, but still the gentle blues touch with long notes. This track - or even better the whole show - should be made available for all. A really great, but hard to find gem.


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