Monday, September 18, 2006

THE ELECTRIC FLAG "A Long Time Come In" (1968)


Recorded In San Francisco
Producer : John Court

Mike Bloomfield : Guitar, Vocals
Nick Gravenites : Vocals
Barry Goldberg : Organ
Harvey Brooks : Bass
Buddy Miles : Drums, Vocals
Peter Strazza : Trumpet
Herbie Rich : Alto Sax
Marcus Doubleday : Trumpet
Sivuca : Guitar, Percu.
Mike Fonfara : Keyboards
Richie Havens : Sitar
Paul Beaver : Moog

01. "Killin' Floor" (4.11)
02. "Groovin' Is Easy" (3.05)
03. "Over-Lovin' You" (2.10)
04. "She Should Have Just" (5.04)
05. "Wine" (3.15)
06. "Texas" (4.48)
07. "Sittin' In Circles" (3.53)
08. "You Don't Realise"-dedicated with great respect to Steve Cropper & Otis Redding (4.58)
09. "Another Country" (8.46)
10. "Easy Rider" (0.50)
11. "Look Into My Eyes" (2.57) not on the LP
12. "Going Down Slow" (4.45) not on the LP
13. "Sittin' In Circle" Alternate (4.16)

(01-12)LP/CD "A Long Time Comin'" (1967-Columbia/Sonny Music)
(01-02,04,06,08-10,12-13)CD "Old Glory-Best Of Electric Flag" (1995-Columbia/Sony)

“Groovin’ Is Easy” was the very first track recorded. For some odd reason Nick Gravenites is not mentioned on the original LP release as vocalist!? Only on the CD release was his name added, and then only under “percussion”!?
The CD reissue from Columbia with bonus tracks has 14 tracks in all. Two tracks (“Sunny” and “Mystery”) are from the album without MB. The bonus track “Goin’ Down Slow” is a gem. The reason for not including it on the initial release must be that it is a slow blues without much horn and this way not a “band” number (it’s from the band’s very first session). Nick Gravenites sings beautifully and MB plays heavenly. The other bonus, “Look Into My Eyes” with Buddy Miles on vocals, is a big band production, but not up to the standard of the original tracks, so excluding it was an ok decision. It’s probably from the second album session without MB (he is not audible).


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