Wednesday, September 20, 2006

JAMES COTTON "Taking Care Of Business" (1970)

Recorded at ID Sound Studio, Los Angeles
Producers : Todd Rundgren & Mark Klingman

James Cotton : Vocals, Harmonica
Mike Bloomfield : Guitar
Johnny Winter : Guitar
Todd Rundgren : Guitar, Percussion
Mark Klingman : Piano
Stu Woods : Bass
Joel Bishop : Drums

01. "Long Distance Operator" (5.20)
02. "Nose Open" (4.02)
03. "Georgia Swing" (4.48)

(01-03)LP "Taking Care Of Business" (1970-Capitol)
(01-03)CD "Chicago Blues Master Vol.3" (1996-Capitol Records)

Great record. Cotton on top form and a historic session with MB and Johnny Winter playing together. Lots and lots of “names” on this one before they were “known”.


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