Thursday, September 21, 2006

TIM DAVIS "Take Me As I Am" (1972)

Recorded at Cinderella Sound, Madison, Tenn. and Wally Heider, San Francisco
Producer : Glyn Johns & Tim Davis

Tim Davis : vocals all, rhythm guitar
Michael Bloomfield : guitar
Curley Cooke : rhythm guitar
Rick Jaeger : drums
Doug Killmer & John Kahn : bass
Ben Sidran & Ken Adamany : piano
Pete & Coke Escovedo Bros : timbales, congas
Mel Martin : tenor piccolo flute
Steven “Steve” Miller : organ
Reggie, Georgie and Jamie Ente, “The Third Wave” : backing vocals

01. “Only Yesterday”
02. “Take Me As I Am (Without Silver Without Gold)”
03. “On The Other Hand Baby”

(01-03)LP "Take Me As I Am" (1972-Metromedia)

The second solo album from drummer in the Steve Miller Band. MB plays a delicate acoustic guitar on the title track.


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