Thursday, September 21, 2006


Recorded At Columbia Studios, San Francisco
Producer : Thomas Jefferson Kaye

John Hammond : Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
Mike Bloomfield : Guitar
Dr. John : Piano, Organ, Banjo, percussion
Richard "Blue" Mitchell : Trumpet
George Bohannon : Trombone
James Gordon :Baritone Sax
Jerome Jumonville : Tenor & Alto Sax
Thomas Jefferson Kaye : Guitar, background vocals
Chris Ethridge : Bass
Fred Staehle : Drums
John Boudreaux & Bennie Parks : Percussion

01. "Cha-Dooky-Doo" (3.40)
02. "Last Night" (2.52)
03. "I Yi Yi" (3.46)
04. "Just To Be With You" (4.10)
05. "Baby Let Me Kiss You" (3.05)
06. "Sh'bout To Drive Me Wild (3.30)
07. "It Hurts Me Too" (3.45)
08. "Rock Me Baby" (3.37)
09. "Ground Hog Blues" (3.28)
10. "Pretty Things" (4.40)
11. "The Trip" (3.58)

(01-11)LP/CD "Triumvirate" (1973-Columbia/Sony Music)

The stories about this congregation of superstars are numerous. The back cover tells that the players left one after the other, because of dissatisfaction. In the end there was recorded a fine album. There could of course have been more guitar playing from MB all over, with three stars, his role is OK. Maybe the biggest mistake was to let John Hammond sing all the songs.


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