Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Michael Bloomfield, g, p, v.
Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, CA; January 31, 1981

Don’t Brush My Teeth “Last Call,” Bootleg CD
Dark Road Blues
Mean Mistreater
I Don’t Know
Nobody Knows You
Roll On, Buddy/KC Blues
TB Blues
Country Mechanic
Untitled Short Instrumental
Frankie & Johnny
Feelin’ Good
Come On in My Kitchen

Doug Sahm, v, g; Michael Bloomfield, g; Speedy Sparks, b; other members of the Sir Douglas Quintet.
Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, CA; February 1981

Unknown titles Live performance

The Sir Douglas Quintet shared the bill with Bloomfield at the Catalyst Club. Bloomfield sat in one evening and performed “a few Dylan tunes” with the band.

Michael Bloomfield, g, p, v; others(?) unknown.
Belly-Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA; February 1981

Unknown titles(?) Live performance

Michael Bloomfield, g, p, v.
San Francisco, CA(?); February 13, 1981

Interview with Tom Yates Proposed radio series on guitarists

Portions of this interview aired in 1981(?) on a program called "Guitar – A Rock Episode." It also featured Duane Allman. Stations that carried it are unknown.

MICHAEL BLOOMFIELD dies of an overdose on February 15, 1981 in San Francisco. He is 37 years old.